Top 5 Valentine's Gift Ideas for Artists 2024

Top 5 Valentine's Gift Ideas for Artists 2024

In the spirit of Valentine's Day, I'm excited to share this guide with you. It's packed with ideas that I hope will spark your creativity and help you find the perfect gift for the artists in your life.

Remember, the key is to make it personal. Make your gift fit individual taste and interests—it's the thoughtfulness that counts.

To make sure that I will provide you with the valuable list of ideas, I reached out to artists on social media to get their thoughts. After gathering your suggestions, I've put together this blog post to help you navigate your shopping experience. The list goes from the least voted gift to the most voted gift idea.

PS: You can thank me later.

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Artist’s Gift Ideas

5. Art Prints or Posters 

I actually have quite a few prints from my favourite artists in my office and I love how they look. I constantly get inspired by them and it is just nice to be surrounded by good art. So if you know your person's favourite artists and you would like to give them something meaningful then a print is a great idea. 

But you might be wondering where to order the prints and posters… Well, here are my two favourite options:

  • Art Station
  • Inprint

But a lot of the time, bigger and more recognised artists will have their own website where they sell their artworks, find out who their favourite artists are and you might get lucky. 

And if you really want to wow that artist you can even get your hands on an original - one of a kind artwork from them, I know I would be amazed if I get an original from one of my favourite artists!

art prints and posters

credit: Ecem Isim

4. Digital Brushes

Having a nice set of brushes can make or break your art journey and your work, so it is very important to have a pack that allows you to be creative. 

There are many different packs out there, and depending on your style you can get a pack that imitates markers, water colours, inks, oils and many more… 

Lucky for you, you don’t have to go far, because I have some nice inking and halftone brushes in my store that are used and loved by thousands of artists, and you can get them right here.

3. Courses

For someone who loves learning new things and improving, courses would be the far best gift for me as an artist. 

Here are a few of my favourite online art schools and their courses: 


Daily Sketching for Creative Inspiration by Sorie Kim. I took this course and I'm a big fan of story work.. She is fantastic and the course also. Recommended to everyone that enjoys sketchbooking

Basic Principles of Drawing People from Imagination by  Tom Fox . I have followed Tom Fox for a long time on social media, and this is a course that has been on my wish list for a while. His mastery over the human figure is unmatched and I can't wait to take this course

Inking Techniques for Comics and Illustration by  Sergio Bleda. If inking is your thing, nothing better than to learn from a veteran. This course gives a fantastic in-depth view at the process of inking comics with traditional materials.


If you are serious about this art thing, then maybe a subscription to schoolism, one of the best online art schools out there is what you need. With dozens of full classes from some of the best artists around the world, there is no way you are are not gonna love this one


Or, if you prefer to receive the feedback of a professional directly on your work, and you are looking for a one time payment class instead of a subscription, CGMA has you covered. I can personally vouch for "analytical Figure Drawing" an 8 week course that teaches you everything about drawing the figure drawing

2. Art supplies 

While it might seem like an obvious choice, the gift of art supplies never fails to bring joy to any artist. A carefully curated set of coloured pencils, a collection of high-quality markers, a set of versatile acrylic paints, or a beautifully textured sketchbook can be just the thing. 

 art supplies

The beauty of these supplies lies not just in their functionality but also in the endless possibilities they offer— which is great for artists who are trying to explore different techniques and styles. It's a fail-safe option that's bound to resonate with any artist.

Now, for those considering a gift for a digital artist equipped with an iPad, a digital sketchbook could be a game-changer. 

What is a digital sketchbook you ask? Well, imagine turning your iPad into the ultimate collection of sketchbooks where you can store your whole gallery in one single place! 

There are not a lot of digital sketchbooks out there, that is why I made my own. Here you can find my LP Sketchbooks for Procreate, specifically created for digital artist’s.

1. Art Books

I am a huge fan of art books, from movies and videogames, to instructional books and of course collections of individual artists.

Here is a list of my go to books that really helped my art and would recommend them to absolutely anyone.

  • For Disney fans: The Art of Zootopia by Jessica Julius
  • For Colour Nerds: Color and Light: A Guide for the Realist Painter by James Gurney
  • For Manga Artists: Design Your Own Anime and Manga Characters by TB Choi
  • And here are some honourable mentions:
  • Iguana Bay. 2.0 by Claire Wendling
  • Watchmen by Alan Moore (author) and Dave Gibbons (artist)
  • Framed Ink: Drawing and Composition for Visual Storytellers by Marcos Mateu-Mestre 


I hope this guide has sparked ideas and provided insights into the kind of gifts that resonate with artists. 

Keep in mind that the gift should be tailored to the individual's preferences and what they genuinely enjoy. Try to make it as personalised as you can, aiming for something that resonates with them. I hope you find something perfect !

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