Inktober 2023 Guide: Tips, Tricks, and Tools for Success

Inktober 2023 Guide: Tips, Tricks, and Tools for Success

Inktober 2023 is upon us, and as an artist who has taken on this creative challenge, failing and succeeding… I'm here to share my top tips and insights to ensure your Inktober experience is a resounding success. 

My top 7 tips to crush Inktober

Whether you're a newcomer or a seasoned participant, the lessons I’ve learned will help you navigate the month of artistic exploration, all while making the most of your inking tools, including my newest brushes, the LP Inking Brushes.

1. Prepping Like a Pro

Credit: Sorie Kim

Before you embark on your Inktober journey, a little preparation goes a long way. Consider making a list of subjects or themes you'd like to tackle during the month. 

Finding a monthly challenge with inspiring prompts can also ignite your creativity. You can stick with the official Inktober prompt list or look for another that resonates with you.

Additionally, picking a technique to focus on can help you focus on the drawing, there is nothing worse than spending the whole .

2. Crafting Your Strategy

Credit: Barbara Bernat

Success in Inktober often hinges on a well-thought-out plan. Establish a daily routine that suits you best. Some artists prefer sketching the night before, followed by inking in the morning, allowing them to stay one step ahead. 

Decide early on how you intend to utilize your Inktober creations; this will guide your choice of materials. And if you're a frequent inker, why not challenge yourself by using tools you're less familiar with? For instance, if you're accustomed to brushpens, consider diving into the world of traditional brushes or exploring specialty inks.

3. Managing Challenges Gracefully

Credit: Dani Diez

Life can throw curveballs, and missing a day or two of Inktober is perfectly fine. 

Whether you're juggling other commitments or simply need a break, there are ways to adapt. Finish pieces early, forgive yourself for missed days, or even extend your inking journey into November if needed. 

Remember, Inktober is about the continuous practice of inking, and progress matters more than perfection.

4. Tackling the Mid-Month Slump

Credit: Cecile de Gantes

During Inktober, maintaining momentum can be challenging. To combat mid-month fatigue, consider mixing up your approach with fun and easier pieces. The key is to keep creating, even when self-doubt creeps in. 

Trust yourself; your growth will become evident as the month progresses. And don't let excuses deter you—committing to each day's piece, no matter how small, can be incredibly rewarding.

5. Finding Inspiration

Credit: Nuria Tamarit

Artistic inspiration can come from various sources. Revisit old sketchbooks to ink favorite sketches, or explore the vibrant #Inktober community on social media to see what fellow artists are crafting.

Remember, Inktober isn't just about following strict guidelines; it's about igniting your creativity.

6. Extending the Life of Your Inktober Creations

Credit: Kevin Hong

Your Inktober pieces are more than daily sketches; they're a testament to your creative journey. Consider compiling them into an Inktober eBook or designate November as the month for coloring your inked drawings. Your Inktober art can take on new life and purpose.

7. The Perfect Tools for the Journey

Credit: sil_eibm

Enhance your Inktober experience with the LP Inking Brushes, meticulously crafted for artists like you. These versatile brushes open up a world of creative possibilities, from detailed work to texturing and shading. Discover their potential and elevate your inking game.



As you embark on your Inktober 2023 adventure, remember that it's not just about the finished pieces; it's about the journey of artistic growth and exploration. 

Embrace the challenges, draw inspiration from the community, and equip yourself with the right tools like the LP Inking Brushes to make this Inktober your best one yet. Happy inking!

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